Branded Buildings Maybe Coming To Miami

How would you like a Louis Vuitton luxury condo to match your purse? According to The Real Deal’s reports, this order may just be fulfilled in the near future.

Dubai is already a pioneer in this concept, with the Palazzo Versace condo for example, taking the name of an infamous brand. Now, Miami real estate might be following behind this smart trend.

Here’s Why:

Attaching a luxury brand to a building’s label is more than just a fad. Most luxury products are built around fine detailing and a solid structure that lasts. Most real estate experts would agree that in order to seal a deal between a development company and a luxury brand, the blueprint of the condo would need to stand out.

Traditionally, name brands would only approve their labels on top hotels. Now, there’s a new shifting trend that includes opulent residential properties. Additionally, when a branded home is built, the profit margins are estimated to increase by 1/3% of the regular price, as per research conducted by Knight Frank.

It isn’t enough to be large and luxurious with standard upscale amenities. According to the same report by Knight, wealthy investors now desire an element of trust–which luxury brands have already managed to secure. Market consumer reports by Forbes Magazine show that loyal customers will always buy a product they can count on, even if this comes at a higher price tag.

In Sunny Isles Beach real estate market, the series of Trump Towers stand out, due to the real estate mogul’s top reputation for quality and luxury. Also coming soon is a name brand that is oftentimes associated with cars. The Porshe Design Towers is unlike any other, with a car-transporting glass elevator. Sales offices have already opened up in Sunny Isles Beach.

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Photo Credit: The Real Deal

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