On Veterans Day, help a service member buy a home

On Veterans Day, help a service member buy a home

WASHINGTON – Nov. 11, 2013 – Members of the military have a number of resources to ease the path to homeownership, and Realtors have the power to help make it happen.

NAR recently launched a . The certification gives Realtors information and tools to help current and former military service members.

“Service members may have only a few days to see properties, make an offer and get a home under contract,” says NAR President Gary Thomas. “Others might be deployed during the transaction and need representation. Service members can count on Realtors with MRP certification to understand their housing needs.”

However, all Realtors have access to information that helps make current and former military men and women homeowners.

“Realtors can also help leverage the financing benefits available to military personnel through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), such as zero-downpayment loans, which help make homeownership more affordable,” says Thomas.

The VA loan program is fully backed by the government and has some of the lowest default rates. Since its creation in 1944, the VA program has helped millions of veterans purchase and maintain homes through safe and affordable financing. Many military clients qualify for a VA-guaranteed home loan, including honorably discharged veterans, career and active duty military, medically disabled, and some spouses or dependents.

NAR has also a ($29.99), which gives an overview of VA’s home loan guaranty program, offers detailed information on VA products, and provides resources to address common misconceptions about the VA loan guaranty.

“In our industry, there is nothing more gratifying than helping a deserving family find a house they can call home,” said Thomas. “We salute those veterans who have served and protected our country’s freedom; and to all of the service men and women currently deployed in overseas warzones.”

The U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau also has an office that handles problems military men and women may face. handled about 2,300 complaints last year. Holly Petraeus, assistant director at the bureau, said about half of the Bureau’s complaints were about mortgages.

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