Custom Retail Stores Expected for Urban Miami

The Daily Business Review has announced that national retailers like Walmart, Target, and other recognizable names will be shaping their big box stores to fit the needs of target demographics in Downtown Miami and surrounding districts.  While these stores have previously thrived in suburban territories, the densely populated urban sectors will now need new models or layouts to increase the chances of profit.

In addition to population size, rental prices and artistic inclinations in the area also play a role in design. The Midtown Walmart near Downtown Miami for example, is keenly designed with artistic inclusions of glass and brick walls. The mega retailer also plans to debut small Neighborhood Markets throughout Miami-Dade.

Elsewhere, Target is launching CityTarget for big cities like New York and San Francisco. According to the report, retailers will likely renovate older buildings or find innovative ways to use smaller spaces. As an example, The Publix building on 1776 Biscayne Blvd. was constructed vertically over the grocer’s traditional wide open spaces.

Sydney Server Real Estate places special emphasis on the luxury residential real estate market in NEW MIAMI. New attractions, shopping rows, arts cultural centers, and more add value and convenience to high-end renters and owners in Downtown Miami’s real estate market.

Sources: Daily Business Review

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